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WHITEBORO. A town in section 10, Jefferson Township. It was platted in 1856 as Buena Vista, but the name was soon changed to Whiteboro. Its post office ran from 1856 to 1903. It prospered until the establishment of Logan four miles to its southwest. Harrison

WHITEFIELD. A village and railroad station in the eastern part of section 31, Fairfield Township. Post office, 1886-91. Jefferson

WHITESBURG. A coal mining town in the northwestern part of Bluff Creek Township. Post office, 1914-19. Monroe

WHITNEYVILLE. In section 8, later in section 6, and again in section 16, Massena Township. Post office, 1861-85. Cass

WICKLIFFE. A post office from 1843 to 1873 near where now stands the town of Green Island. Jackson

WIDOW POST. In section 29, Post Township. Shown on maps of 1855-56. Allamakee

WIDOW'S HOME. The name of a post office at or near the location of the present village of Union Mills in 1850. Widow's Home post office was changed to Union Mills in that year. Mahaska

WILKINS. In the southwest quarter of section 23, Highland Township, near the banks of the Middle Raccoon River. A town was laid out here but proved to be only a town on paper. Guthrie

WILLARD. A station on the C., M. & St. P. Railway in the southwestern part of Polk Township. Post office 1890-1906. Wapello

WILLDA. A post office from 1873 to 1875 in the eastern part of section 22, Grant Township. Lyon

WILLIAMS POINT. A place a short distance north of the center of Troy Township, as shown on maps of 1862 to 1869. Wright

WILLIAMS. In southwestrn part of Eldorado Township. Post office, 1858-65. Benten

WILLIAMSBURG. The name of the village that later (1870) became the present town of Eldon. The name of the post office was Williamsburg from 1868 to 1871. Wapello

WILLIAMSTOWN . Another name by which was known the hamlet of Frank Pierce. Williamstown was platted as a village in 1854. Johnson

WILLIAMSVILLE. Listed in the 1869 U. S. Official Register as a post office in Jasper County, and thought to have been in the neighborhood of Woodville (see below). Jasper

WILLIAMTOWN. A village in the northeast corner of section 13, Richland Township. Post office, 1859=1903. Chickasaw

WILLIMANTIC. A post office from 1856 to 1858 and from 1861 to 1863 in section 23, Fremont Township. Winneshiek

WILLITS. A hamJet, former railroad station and post office from 1872 to 1894, excepting the interruption of a few discontinuances, located in section 1, Vernon Township, about midway between Farmington and Mount Sterling. Van Buren

WILLOUGHBY. In the western part of section 9, Beaver Township. Laid out in 1856. Post office, 1857-85. Butler

WILLOW CREEK. In section 36, Clay Township. Post office, 1871-1900. Clay

WILLOW DALE. The pioneer name of the present town of Battle Creek. Willow Dale was the post office from 1871 to 1875.  Ida

WILLOW GROVE. A post office (1871-79) in the southeastern part of Lafayette Township. Story

WILLOW. A hamlet and post office (1860-66) in the central part of Rockford Township on the Boyer River. Pottawattamie

WILLSON'S GROVE. In section 15, Bennezette Township. Post office 1878-80. Butler

WILMINGTON. A post office in 1855 in section 24, Palmyra Township, some two or three miles northwest of the old village of Palmyra. Warren

WILMINGTON. A village platted in 1857 on government lots 1, 2 and 8, section 4, Thompson Township. Because of the appearance of its sod houses it was jokingly called Gopher Station, and the name stuck. Abandoned when Dalmanutha, a mile and a half southwest, grew up. Guthrie

WILMINGTON. In the south section 4 of Benton Township. Surveyed in 1855 and plat recorded in 1858. Town seems not to have Materialized. Benten

WILSON. A post office (1870-79) in the northwestern part of Pilot Grove Township. Montgomery

WILSON. The original name of the present town of Victor. The name was changed from Wilson to Victor in 1862 when the post office of Victor, which had been in existence from 1854, and located about two miles to the south, was removed to near the newly built C., R. I. & P. depot. Iowa

WILSON'S FORD. In the southwestern part of Taylor Township, Post office, 1857-63. Allamakee

WILSON'S GROVE. In the southern part of Sumner Township. Post office, 1863-67. BremerWILSON'S GROVE. In the western part of Banks Township. Post office, 1861-73. Fayette

WILSON'S. In the south section 9 of Cass Township, about two miles southeast of Panora, as shown on maps of 1857. Guthrie

WILSONVILLE. A post office (1872-1901) in the southern part of section 9, Cedar Township. Van Buren

WIMER’S MILLS. A post office from 1854 to 1862, in section 3, Jackson Township, on the South Skunk River. If you can add any information for the towns above please drop us an email. Keokuk

WINDHAM. A village in the central part of section 34, Hardin Township. Laid out in 1854. One store still remains. post office, 1854-1902. Johnson

WINDSOR. An early name of the present town of Conway, as appears on maps of 1870. Taylor

WINDSOR. In section 5, Windsor Township. Post office, 1855-89. Fayette

WINDSOR. The former name of the present town of Farmersburg. Clayton

WINLAND.  (See Pattersonville). Sioux

WINNESHIEK. A post office (1851-65) in the southeastern part of Bloomfield Township. Winneshiek

WINONA. In the southwestern part of section 13, Wayne Township. Post office, 1871-75. Henry

WIRT. The former name of the present town of Ellston. Wirt was the name of the post office from 1882 to 1895. Ringgold

WISCONSIN. Post office (1865-66) in the northern, part of section 19, Belmont Township, at or near the location of the present town of Milo. Warren

WISCOTTA. In sections 4 and 5, Union Township, about one mile south of the present town of Redfield. It was platted and was for a few years a prosperous village. Post office, 1855-61. Dallas

WITTEMBURG. In the eastern part of section 3, Newton Township, about four miles north of the city of Newton. It was platted in 1856, and the Wittemburg Manual Lahor College was established there. A Congregational church still remains. Jasper

WOLF CREEK. A post office (1857-73) slightly northeast of the central part of Perry Township, and a short distance southeast of the present town of Traer. Tama

WOLFDALE. A country post office (1869-97) which occupied several different locations in farm houses in Wolf Creek Township. Woodbury

WOODBRIDGE. In the southeastern part of section 32, Center Township. Post office, 1847-69. Cedar

WOODBRIDGE. In the western part of Scott Township, as shown on maps of 1857. Floyd

WOODBURY. The name of the post office at the town of Sergeants Bluff from 1862 to 1870. Woodbury

WOODLAWN. A post office one and one-half miles south of the city of Mount Pleasant, in existence for a short time in the early 1880's. Henry

WOODS MILLS. The early name of the present town of Mount Sterling. Van Buren

WOODS. In central part of Monroe Township. Post office, 1857-63. Benten

WOODSIDE. A post office (1876-86) in section 8, Frankville Township. Winneshiek

WOODSTOCK. The name first given (1888) to the present village and railroad station of Gaza. O'Brien

WOODVILLE. A post office (1866-87) in the western part of seetion 26, Greenwood Township. Winneshiek

WOODVlLLE.. A station on the Des Moines Valley Railroad in the western part of Washington Township, as shown on maps from 1868 to 1878. Jasper

WOOLEYVILLE. A hamlet in the southwestern part of section 1, Fox River Township, about three miles west of Drakesville. Davis

WOOLSTOCK. The post office of Woolstock from 1868 to 1881 was some two miles east of the present town of that name. Wright

WOOSTER. In the western part of section 13, Cedar Township. Post office, 1853-91. Jefferson

WOOSTER. Laid out in 1855 in the southwestern part of section 21, Knox Township. A little later New Town was laid out adjacent and to the east of Wooster. Later Parma occupied a location at or near where Wooster had stood. Pottawattamie

WORTH. In North Township. first in section 23, and later in three other locations in that part of the township without changing the name. It ran from 1863 to 1869. Boone

WORTHINGTON. Laid out as a town in 1857 in the eastern part of section 32, Madison Township. It was only a hamlet, a store and a few dwellings. Its post office was North. Madison

WYOMING. A town on the bank of the Mississippi River about one mile west of Salem as shown on the Black Hawk Purchase map, and other maps as late as 1854. At the time of the original survey, 1837, Upper Wyoming and Lower Wyoming were found platted in the same locality. Post office, 1838-1845. Muscatine

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