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TROY. A village on the C., B. & Q. Railroad in section 18, White Breast Township, about two miles east of Lucas, as appears on maps of the early 1900's. Lucas

TUNIS. A post office about two miles north of Agency from 1897 to 1900. Wapello

TUNNEL. In the northwestern part of Hamilton Township. Post office, 1885-97. Hamilton

TURKEY GROVE. The name first given to the post office at Grove City, from 1857 to 1863, which see above. Cass

TURKEY RUN. In the northeastern part of Center Township, as shown on maps of 1857. Decatur

TURNER. A former station on the C., R. 1. & P. Railway in Rock Creek Township. Jasper

TURNER. A post office from 1874 to 1879 in the central part of Deer Creek Township. Mills

TURNERSVILLE. In the eastern part of Banks Township, as shown on maps of 1862. Fayette

TUSCARORA. A hamlet in the southeast corner of section 8, Franklin Township. Its post office was established in 1840, but in 1853 the name was changed to Dover. Lee

TUTTLE GROVE. In section 20, Orange Township. Post office, 1875-77. Guthrie

TWEETEN. A post office from 1900 to 1903 in the southwestern part of section 11, Newton Township. Winnebago

TWELVE MILE GROVE. Listed in the U. S. postal records as a post office in Warren County in 1863, but the location not found. Warren

TWIN LAKES. In section 31, Sherman Township. Post office, 1867-89. Calhoun

TWIN OAK. A post office in the southwestern part of section 20, Oakland Township, from 1873 to 1881. Louisa

TWIN OAK. A post office in the southwestern part of section 23, Oaklanmd Township, from 1873-1881. Louisa

TWIN SPRINGS. The name of the post offiee at the present village of Kendallville from 1856 to 1874. Winneshiek

TWIN SPRINGS. The present village of Festina in Washington Township was platted as Twin Springs in 1856, but the name was later changed to the name of its post office, Festina. Winneshiek

TYNER. A small village in the central part of Elkhart Township with a post office, 1877-1902. Polk

TYPEE. Listed in the U. S. Official Register of 1846 as a post office in Jefferson County, but not found on the maps of that period. Jefferson

TYRO. A post office (1862-73) in the eastern part of section 32, Washington Township. Poweshiek

TYSON'S MILLS. The pioneer name of the present town of Lehigh. It was begun in 1855 as Tyson's Mills. The name was changed to Vesper, and later to Lehigh. Tyson's Mills was the name of the post office from 1870 to 1876. Webster

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