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SOUTH LIBERTY. A village laid out in 1857 in the western part of section 17, Liberty Township. Its post office was Bon Accord. Johnson

SOUTH O'BRIEN. Platted as a village in 1872 in the northeast quarter of section 33, Liberty Township. It was soon vacated. Its post office of the same name existed from 1872 to 1874, when it was discontinued in favor of Erie. O'Brien

SOUTHPORT. Laid out as a town in the eastern part of Wall Lake Township in a very early day, but never built up. Sac

SPENCER GROVE.  (This post office (see Vol. XVII, p. 445) was in the northeast corner of section 10, Polk Township.)  Given by History of Benton County, Western Historical Co. 1878, as one of the post offices of the county in 1867, but not found on maps of that period. Benten

SPENCERVILLE. In section 3, Wyoming Township, as shown on maps of 1881. Jones

SPINNEYVILLE.  A hamlet later know as Linwood. The post office was Spinneyville from 1872-1880. Scott

SPRING BRANCH. In the northeastern part of Milo Township. Post office, 1854-56. Deleware

SPRING CREEK. A post office (1857-60) in section 32, Spring Creek Township. Tama

SPRING GROVE. A post office from 1851 to 1879 in the northwestern part of Spring Grove Township. Linn

SPRING LAKE. In section 17, Douglas Township. Post office 1857-73. Bremer

SPRING ROCK.  In the southwestern part of Spring Rock Township. Post office 1841-63. Clinton

SPRING RUN. A post office from 1852-1865 in the northeastern part of Elm Grove Township. Louisa

SPRING VALLEY. In the eastern part of Hamilton Township. Post office, 1857-1900. Decatur

SPRING VALLEY. The name of the post office at Moorhead for a few years in the early 1880's as shownon maps of that period.  Monona

SPRINGFIELD. A town in the southwest corner of section 28, and the northwest corner of section 33, Washington Township. It was laid out in 1845 and was an active town until the 1870’s. Its post office was from 1846 to 1893. Keokuk

SPRINGFIELD. Listed in the Index Plat Directory to Towns, etc., in Polk County, by George A. McVicker, 1884, as an obsolete town in Polk County, but location not found. Polk

SPRINGFIELD. The name of the post office from 1840 to 1845 located where the city of Maquoketa now stands. The name of the office   was changed to Maquoketa in 1845. Jackson

SPRINGFIELD. A town in the southeastern part of section 4, Grand Meadow Township. Platted in 1869. Clayton

SPRINGFIELD. Shown on maps of 1857 at or near the later post office of Myrtle. Muscatine

SPRINGVALE. The pioneer name of the present city of Humboldt. Springvale was the name of the post office from 1869-71. Humboldt

SPRINGVILLE. A village in the northeastern part of Millville Township., about one mile west of Turkey River Station as shown on maps of 1875 and 1880. Clayton

SPRINGVlLLE. A village in section 34, Wyaconda Township, about one and one-fourth miles north of Savannah. It was platted in 1859 and was prosperous for a few years. Davis

SPRINGWATER. A hamlet in section 24, Canoe Township, on the north side of Canoe Creek. Its post office was Aquilla Grove from 1856 to 18G4, and was Springwater from 1864 to 1896. Winneshiek

SPRUCE MILLS. Near the southeast corner of Tete Des Morts Township. Post office, 1853-63. Jackson

SQUIRES MILLS. A hamlet in Iowa Township. Founded in 1855. Dubuque

STAKETOWN. The local name by which the prospective town of Emmetsburg was known from 1858 to shortly after the coming of the Milwaukee railway in 1874. Palo Alto

STANFORD. A post office (1869-82) in section 4, Bangor Township. Marshall

STAPLETON. In the southeastern part of Stapleton Township. Post office, 1857-81. Chickasaw

STAR. A post office (1867-1902) in the southwestern part of section 14, Franklin Township. Marion

STEADY RUN. A post office from 1850 to 1857, in the northwest corner of section 13, Steady Run Township. Keokuk

STEEN. A post office from 1892 to 1894 in Grant Township, west of and not far from the later post office of Hollandale. Winnebago

STELAPOLS. The name of the post office at the town of Williamsburg from 1861 to 1880, as shown in the U. S. Official Register. Iowa

STELLA. In seclion 26, Ludlow Township. Post office, 1897. Allamakee

STERGIS. A post office in Paris Township in 1859. Howard

STERLING, An old village at the corners of sections 15, 16, 21 and 22, Iowa Township, Post office, 1853-97. Jackson

STERLING. A town on the Iowa River which was afterwards added to Toolsboro. It was sometimes called Mount Sterling. Louisa

STILESVILLE.  Former name of the present village of Stiles. Davis

STILLWATER. A post office (1871-99) in the east section 8, Lincoln Township. Mitchell

STILLWELL. A former name of the present railroad station of Moore, and of the post office at that place from 1892 to 1914. Poweshiek

STONERIDGE. Listed as a post office in Mahaska County from 1893 to 1894, was in section 15, Monroe Township but the location not found. Mahaska

STORY. A post office (1877-78) at or near Sunset, which see below. Story

STRAND. In section 32, Linculn Township. Post office, 1889-1903. Adams

STRAWBERRY HILL. A post office (1851-61) in the southern part of Cedar Township. Muscatine

STRAWBERRY HILL. Formerly an independent village adjacent to Anamosa on the east, but a part of that city since 1901. Jones

STREEPVILLE. A coal mining town of Pleasant Township. Appanoose

STRING PRAIRIE. A post office indicated on maps of 1854 in section 15, Des Moines Township. Lee

STRINGTOWN.   (see Traxler) Henry

STRINGTOWN.A village about one mile south of the village of Troy. The post office at this place was called Fox from 1842 to 1853. It was platted as Dover

in 1848, but was called Harpersville sometimes and later Stringtown, and had" a post office by the latter name from 1853 to 1867. Davis

STUMPTOWN. A local name given in pioneer times to the village of Independent, which see above. Van Buren

STURGIS FALLS. The name applied from 1844 to 1849 to the settlement that later became Cedar Falls. Black Hawk

STURGIS RAPIDS. In the northeastern part of Lester Township on the Wapsipinicon River, As shown on maps of 1862-68   Black Hawk

SUFFOLK Pioneer name of the post office of Elvira, Being listed as Suffolk in 1854. Clinton

SUGAR CREEK MILLS.   In the southern part of Sugar Creek Township. Post office, 1875-81 (see Sugar Creek below). Cedar

SUGAR CREEK.  Post office, 1885. Formerly called Sugar Creek Mills (see above). Cedar

SUGAR CREEK. In the southeastern part of Richland Township. Post office, 1862-71. Jasper

SUGAR GROVE. The name of a post office (1849-62) in the southwestern part of Grinnell Township, about three miles southwest of the present city of Grinnell. It is shown on maps as late as 1869. Poweshiek

SULLIVAN, In the northwestern part of Prairie Springs Township. Post office, 1851-61. Jackson

SUMMER HILL. In the southeastern part of Fairfield Township. Post office, 1855-65. Jackson

SUMMERS. In northwestern part of Fremont Township. Post office 1873. Benten

SUMMERSET. The orginal name of the present town of Fontanelle. Platted in 1855 and name changed to Fontanelle in 1857. Adair

SUMMIT. In section 24, Summit Township. Post office, 1875. Clay

SUMMIT. Listed as a post office in Story County from 1894 to 1901, but its location not found. Story

SUMMIT. The name first given the present village of Mount Zion when it was laid out in 1860. Van Buren

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