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ROCHELLE. Forrnerly called East Nodaway. Post office, 1876. Name changed to Nodaway. Adams

ROCHESTER. A town laid out in 1850 in the eastern part of section 27, Scott Township. The post office of Auburn, which see above, was located there in the 1870's. Mahaska

ROCHESTER. Laid out in 1837 near the center of the east section 29, Van Buren Township, on the left bank of the Des Moines River, about two miles northeast of Keosauqua. The government surveyors report finding this town in 1837. It contended with Keosauqua for the county seat in 1837. Van Buren

ROCK BRANCH. A post office from 1872 to 1904, located part of the time in section 1, Wolf Creek Township and later in section 6, Kedron Township. Woodbury

ROCK CREEK. A post office in 1868 to 1900 in the central part of Rock Township. Mitchell

ROCK CREEK. The pioneer name of the post office at the town of Rochester from 1837 to 1854, when it took the name of the town. Cedar

ROCK GROVE CITY. A village of importance in the southwestern part of section 16, Rock Grove Township. Post office, 1857-69. Floyd

ROCK MILLS. A post office from 1877 to 1879 at or near the location of the present town of Rock Valley. Sioux

ROCK POINT. The original name of the post office at the present town of Massilon. Listed as such in 1854. Cedar

ROCK RUN. A hamlet in the southwestern part of Cass Township, as appears on maps of the 1870's. Shelby

ROCK. Near the northwest corner of Lincoln Township. Post office, 1863-89. Cerro Gordo

ROCKINGHAM. A town laid out in 1835 in section 8, Rockingham Township, about 4 miles below the business section of Davenport. The first government surveyors of 1837 note it's existence. It was a rival of Davenport for several years and contested for the county seat. Post office, 1844-47. Scott

ROCKSYLVANIA. The first name given in 1854, to what is now the city of Iowa Falls, but which it kept but a part of that year. In November of the same year a town was platted about one mile east of what is now the business section of Iowa Falls and it was named Rocksylvania. The post office there was called by the same name for a time in 1857. Hardin

ROCKTON. A hamlet in section 21, Marion Township. Post office, 1888-1900. Marshall

ROCKVILLE. In section 24, North Fork township, on the North Fork of the Maquoketa River. platted in 1846. A village of some importance. Post office, 1846-97. Deleware

ROCKWOOD. The name of the post office at Rocksylvania from 1855 to 1857. Hardin

RODE. The former name of the present Illinois Central Railroad station of Euclid. Post office, 1900-1903. Harrison

ROGERVILLE. In southeastern part of Homer Township. Post office, 1893-97. Benten

ROLFE. A town near the center of section 26, Des Moines Township, four miles northeast of the present town of Rolfe, and now referred to as Old Rolfe. It was begun in 1859 and was called Highland City until in 1861 when it was platted and named Milton. In 1862 the name of Rolfe was adopted, which it bore until 1882 when the present town of Rolfe was established. At that time the old town's name was again changed to Parvin, after which it soon was abandoned. The name

Old Rolfe is now generally used in speaking of it. It was the county seat from 1859 until 1876. Pocohantas

ROLFE JUNCTION. A name applied to the present town of Rolfe for a short time in its beginning. Pocohantas

ROLLEY. In the southwestern part of Fairfield Township. Post office, 1854-63. Jackson

ROMANO. A place shown on maps of 1887 in section 18, Liberty Township. O'Brian

ROME. The orginal name of the present town of Olin. Rome was platted in 1842 and the name changed to Olin in about 1868. Jones

ROOT'S SIDING. The former name of the present village of Packard. Post ofice, 1889-1903. Butler

ROSBACH. A post office (1871-77) in the southern part of Johnson Township. This was later called Holley. Plymouth

ROSCOE. Platted in 1849 as a town in section 6, Roscoe Township, but never became more than a hamlet. Davis

ROSE GROVE. In the southwest corner of section 30, Rose Grove Township. Post office, 1865-81. Hamilton

ROSE HILL. The post office of Rose Hill was located a mile or more west of the present town of Rose Hill from 1849 until 1860. Mahaska

ROSEDALE. A post office from 1857 to 1860 and again from 1877 to 1886 in the northwestern part of Troy Townshihp. Wright

ROSELLE. The post office (1876-1900) at the village of Hillsdale. Carroll

ROSEMOUNT. Village at the corners of sections 34 and 35, Belmont Township, and 2 and 3, White Breast Township. Post office 1864-80. Warren

ROSENDALE. In the southeastern part of Clear Lake Township as appears on the maps of 1896. Hamilton

ROSETTA. A village in section 4, Washington Township, populated principally by coal miners from 1885 to 1890 Keokuk

ROSETTE. the name of the post office at the town of Carlisle (1853-69).  Cedar

ROSEVILLE. Near the southeast corner of Ulster Township. Post office, 1903. Floyd

ROSS GROVE. A post office in section 25, Jackson Township, from 1855 to 1863. Montgomery

ROSSVILLE. Laid out as a town in 1855 in section 12, Jackson Township, but never built up. Montgomery

ROUND GROVE. A post office (1853-1904) on the north line of section 3. Cleona Township. (Iowa Ghost Towns note: Roughly, about half way between today's Plainview and New Liberty on highway-130.) Scott

ROUSSEAU. Laid out in 1850 in the western part of section 9, Polk Township, on the south side of the Des Moines River. Prosperous for a few years. Post office, 1873-1903. Marion

ROXIE. In section 30, Douglas Township. Post office, 1893. Bremer

ROYAL RIDGE. A post office (1871-77) in section 24, Rock Township. Sioux

RUBENS. A former station on the C. & N. W. Ry. and village laid out in 1882 in section 1, Center Township, about two miles west of the present town of Rolfe. Post office, 1883-84. This name is still used to designate a siding on the C. & N. W. Ry. Pocohantas

RUNYAN. Listed as a post office in Osceola County from 1884 to 1885, but its location not found. Osceola

RURAL. A post office from 1868 to 1878 in the northern part of Marion Township. Linn

RURAL. Listed in the 1893 U. S. Postal Guide as a post office in Henry County, but not found on maps of that period. Henry

RUSH LAKE. A post office (1878-89) in section 32, Fairview Township. Osceola

RUSH LAKE. A post office from 1869 to 1871 in the southern part of Booth Township. Palo Alto

RUSHVILLE. A village platted in 1857 in the northeast corner of section 9, Kellogg Township. Jasper

RUSHVILLE. A village of brief existence in the late 1840's on Keg Creek and the Missouri River bottom, likely in the western part of Lyons Township.

RUSK. Village on the line between sections 27 and 28, Grant Township. Post office 1894-1904. A rural church is all that remains to mark the site. Pocohantas

RUSSELLVILLE. Laid out in 1858 as a town in the northeast corner of section 15, Cedar Township. Also called Doantown. Lee

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