QUINN'S GROVE. A post office from 1871 to 1872 in the eastern part of Jefferson Township. Ringgold

QAKLAND VALLEY. A village in the northeastern part of section 28, Oakland Township, near the south bank of the Iowa River. It was Platted in 1857 and was prosperous for a time. Post office, 1862-97. Franklin

QUEBEC. A village laid out in 1856 in section 32, Pleasant Township. Post office, 1857-65. Hardin

QUEEN CITY. A village in seclions 25, Quincy Township, and 30, Prescott Township, about two miles northeast of the present city of Corning.

Post Office, 1859-69 Adams

QUEEN'S POINT. A post office from 1854 to 1867 in the western part of South Township. Madison

QUIGLEY. Name of the post office (1855-1900)  at the present village and railroad station of Petersville.  (Closed in 1935 according to Clinton County Historical Society) Clinton

QUINCY. A name given to what later became the town of Vandalia. Jasper

QUINCY. In section 14, Marcy Township. laid out in 1854. It never developed into a real village. Boone

QUINCY. In the northwestern part of section 17, Quincy Township. A prosperous village and the first county seat.  Post office, 1855-1900. Adams

QUORN. A village platted in 1880 in the northwestern part of section 251 Elkhorn Township, on the south side of the West Fork of Little Sioux River. It had a post office from 1880 to 1883. It prospered until the coming of the railroad in 1883 to Kingsley, one mile to the east. Plymouth

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