PACIFIC. The name the old settlers called Avoca for a short time when it was established in 1868. Pottawattamie

PACIFIC CITY. A post office from 1857 to 1903 and a town about two miles north of the present railroad station of Pacific Junction. It still contains a few houses. Mills

PADDINGTON. Laid out in 1855 as separate town on land south of and adjacent to Waubeek but later included as a portion of that village. Linn

PADUCA. In the southeastern part at Washington Township near the North Raccoon River, as shown on maps from 1857 to 1868. Greene

PADUCAH. In section 34, Union Township, as shown on maps of 1808-09. Boone

PAGE CITY. Platted as a town in 1858 in the central part of section 7, Harlan Township. It was about one-half mile northwest of the present village and railroad station of Page Center. Post office, 1859-82. In its beginning Page City aspired to be the county seat. Page

PAINT CREEK VALLEY. Post office, 1855, name changed to Waterville. Allamakee

PAINT HOCK. In the sonthern part of Taylor Township. Post office, 1853-57. Allamakee

PALERMO. In the northwestern part of Palermo Township. Post office, 1873-75. Grundy

PALESTINE. A place near the center of Columhia Township on the north side of the Des Moines River some four miles southeast of Eddyville, as appears on maps of 1857. Wapello

PALESTINE. A town laid out in 1857 in section 14, Palestine Township. Story

PALESTINE. In section 18, Fremont Township. Post office, 1855-73. Johnson

PALMER. A post office (1871-85) in the southeastern part of section 21, Lincoln Township. Polk

PALMYRA. In the northern part of Independence Township, as found on maps of 1856 to 1862. Jasper

PALO ALTO. A post office in Elliott Township from 1848 to 1874. It was located according to the maps part of the time in section 26 and part of the time in 24, south and east of the Iowa River. Louisa

PALSVILLE. A former station on the Great Western Railroad and a post office (1898-1902) in section 10, Pleasant Township. A farmers elevator still operates there. Wright

PAMAHO. A post office established in 1890, located about one mile west of the village of Fairview, but a few months later it removed to Fairview, but retained its name until 1849 when it was changed to Fairview. Jones

PANTHER CREEK. Listed in U.S. Official Register as post office in Clayton County (1853 to 1861) but name is not found on maps of that period. Clayton

PANTHER. In the northern part of Colfax Township. Post office, 1885 to 1903. Previous to 1885 it had run a few years as Panther Creek. Dallas

PARADISE.   In section 5, Union Township. Post office, 1863. Crawford

PARAN CITY. A post office (1848-52) in the northwestern part of Union Township, at or near the location of Oradell. Marion

PARIS. A town laid out in 1846 in the southern part of section 30, Dutch Creek Township. Its post office was Valley. One store, a church and a few scattered dwellings remain. Washington

PARIS. In central part of High Point Township, as shown on maps of 1856. Decatur

PARIS. On the west line of section 18, Marion Township, as it appears on the maps from 1856 to 1868. Hamilton

PARK GROVE. A post office from 1873 to 1875. Previously called Humboldt, which see above. Humboldt

PARK. Former name of the present village of Alvord. Lyon

PARKERSBURG. In northwest quarter of section 2, Worth Township. Laid out in 1852. It never developed much beyond a country hotel. Boone

PARKERSBURG. In the north central part of Mound Prairie Township and near the south side of South Skunk River. Post office, 1851-59. Jasper

PARKERSVILLE. The government surveyors of 1837 set out in their notes that they found this town in the northwestern part of section 17, Union Township, which would be about one mile southeast of the present village of Birmingham. Van Buren

PARKHURST. Surveyors making the orginal survey in 1837 record finding this town in section 35, Le Claire Township, and said it was prospering. It is now included in the northern portion of the town of Le Claire. Scott

PARMA. Hamlet formerly called Bristol. Parma was also the name of the post office from 1873 to 1882. (see Wooster) Pottawattamie

PARRISH. In the southern part of Danville Township. Post office, 1849-97· Des Moines

PARRRISH CITY. A town platted in 1858 in sections 21 and 22, Cincinnati Township, adjacent to and a rival of the town of Cincinnati Harrison

PARSONVILLE. A post office from 1858 to 1863 and a railway station where Beckwith is now located. Jefferson

PARVIN. The name given in 1882 to the town of Old Rolfe. (See also Rolfe).  The post office was Parvin from 1883 to 1884. Pocohantas

PATRIOT. A post office (1861-66) about one mile south of the center of Jones Township. Union

PATRIOT. In the northwest corner of section 17, Franklin Township. Post office, 1871-81. Decatur

PATTERSONVILLE. The name first given to the present town of Hull. It was soon changed to Winland, and later to Hull. Pattersonville was the name of the post office from 1878 to 1886. Sioux

PAUL. In the southwest corner of section 6, Homer Township. Post office, 1857-65. Benten

PEARL CITY. A hamlet with a coal mine in section 22, Pleasant Township. Post office, 1894,-1903. Appanoose

PEARLROCK. A prosperous town in the 1810's in se<;tion 31, Bradford Township, on the west side of the Cedar River. Chickasaw

PECK’S. A post office from 1860 to 1863, in section 25, Prairie Township. Keokuk

PECK'S FERRY.  Near the south boundary of Maliory Township, on the Turkey River. Post office, 1857,59. Clayton

PEDEE.  In section 4, Iowa Township. A hamlet about midway between Springdale and Rochester. Post office, 1861-89. Cedar

PEIORO. A hamlet and a post office (1877-1904) in section 29, Grant Township. Woodbury

PEKAY. A coal mining village in the western part of Harrison Township. Post office, 1892-1908. Mahaska

PELTON. The former name of the present village and railway station of Crocker. Polk

PENN. In the northwestern part of Oran Township. Post office, 1863. Fayette

PENNINGTON. A post office (1883-86) in the northern part of Richland Township. Lyon

PENNSBURG. Slightly east of where the present town of Stuart now stands, as shown on the maps of 1855 to 1857 Guthrie

PENOACH. The name given to the site selected in 1847 for the county seat of Dallas County, a location in the eastern portion of the present town of Adel. It was a village for two years before the name was changed to Adel, and was listed as a post office in 1849 as Penoach. Dallas

PEORIA CITY. A portion of this important pioneer town was in the south edge of section 35, Indian Creek Township. See Polk County list Story

PEORIA CITY. Laid out (1856) in northwest corner of section 1, Washington Township. Prosperous town for many years. P.O.  1856-83. Polk

PEORIA. Platted as town in 1853 on south line of section 10, and north line of section 15, Benton Township, midway as to east and west of that line and about five miles northwest of Corydon. The late 1880's the name was changed to Bentonville. Wayne

PERRYVILLE. A town laid out in 1848 in the northern part of section 9, Perry Township, on the north side of the Des Moines River a short distance east of where the village of Morgan Valley was located later. It had but a brief existence. Marion

PERU. Peru, now called Old Peru, was laid out in 1855 near the center of section 3, Walnut Township, about one mile northwest of the present town of Peru. It was prosperous until the coming of the nearby railroad. Post office 1853-1903. Madison

PETERSBURG. A hamlet in the northeastern part of Douglas Township some two miles southeast of the town of Ottawa and existing for a time in the 1850's or 1860's. Polk

PETERSBURG. A town laid out in 1865 and later included in the southeastern portion of the present town of What Cheer. Keokuk

PETERSVILLE. A town settled by the Mormons in 1847 in the northern part of section 30, Jones Township, north of Grand River. It was the first county seat, 1853 to 1855, losing to Afton in the latter year. The town was vacated about 1860. Post office, 1856 to 1858. Union

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