Ottosen Farmers Cooperative Elevator

Grain Elevator in Ottosen

Map of Ottosen, Iowa

1900s Owasa Co-op Creamery

1905 Road Grading near Owasa

Aerial View of Owasa, Iowa

1960s Junior High Students

Aerial View of Consolidated School

School Trophy Wall

3-D Map of Owasa

Map of Owasa, Iowa

Tiny Church

Can seat a half-dozen, or ten if they're fasting.


C.N.W. Rail Station

Small but Friendly Dolliver, Iowa

House for Sale (as of 08-27-17)


Liquor at North Forty

Motorcycle Group at North Forty

Flame Burning in Dining Room

Rathbun Live Bait and Tackle

Tackle This Restaurant

Eating at Tackle This Restuarant

Street in Rathbun Iowa

Map of Rathbun, Iowa

Pleasant Plain Friends Church

Map of Pleasant Plain, Iowa

CB & Q Railroad Depot, Pleasanton, Iowa  -  1908

Map of Pleasanton, Iowa

Plover - Powhatan Cemetery

Tornado near Plover, Iowa

Plover Town Hall and Public Library

Map of Plover, Iowa

Iowa Ghost Towns

Small Town Picture View #9

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Map of Dolliver, Iowa