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You have Quigley listed as the name of the post office at Midland Junction. This may be true, but Quigley is also the previous name of Petersville, which is another ghost town you don’t have listed.

Petersville was located at the corner of 145th Street and 280th Avenue at the extreme NE corner of SE ¼ of T83N R3E, Section 25 (Bloomfield Township).

There was a feed store that closed in 1981 which is still standing, as well as about 5 houses still standing at the crossroads.

The railroad line went through there. Petersville supposedly lost most of its population when Highway 136 (the paved road) was built from Delmar to Charlotte on the ridge, instead of following the railroad line to Petersville and then to Charlotte.

Quigley is listed on the 1895 map you have linked on this site. However, my 4th grade teacher had a 1904 map that had Petersville named on it.

Submitted by Teresa Reed - Tipton, IA

From: Webmaster, Iowa Ghost Towns

Teresa Reed, thank you for submitting the information above. Thank you also for bringing to our attention the incorrect info about Quigley at Midland Junction. The original source of our information did state that Quigley was: Name of the post office (1885-1900) at the present village and railroad station of Petersville.”

For whatever reason we initially had it presented wrong, however the information has been corrected.

Thank You!

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