Iowa Ghost Towns

Farmers Win Coop Building

Dougherty House for Sale

1880 Church

Jackson Heights Golf Club

Map of Jolley, Iowa

Firing of Cannon in Jolley, Iowa

Jolley Post Office


Lee’s Quilt Shed

Jolley, Iowa

Map of Keomah Village

Lake Keomah State Park

Keomah Village City Hall

Kinross City Hall

Old Kinross School

Strawbridge Art & Antiques

Map of Kinross, Iowa

Map of Greenville, Iowa

Kirkman Centennial Building

Rose Hill Cemetery

(Also known as Kirkman Cemetery)

Map of Maloy, Iowa

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Maloy Centennial

Maloy City Hall

AUTO VALUE  -  Bruce’s Repair Shop

Map of Marysville, Iowa

Small Town Picture View #5

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Farmers Win Coop Aerial View

Farmers Win Coop Office

Map of Kirkman, Iowa


Rose Hill Cemetery - Also known as Kirkman Cemetery