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ORVILLE. A mining town in Walnut Township established in 1892 with a post office named Clarkdale.  Appanoose

ORVILLE. The name by which was known that portion of What Cheer in the northwest part of section 10, Washington Township, during the coal mining period of the city. Keokuk

OSAGE. In the northwestern part of Scott Township. Post office, 1851-59. Freemont

OSBORN. In the central part and later in the southeastern part, of Albion Township, as shown on the maps of the period of its existence, 1859 to 1867. Howard

OSHKOSH. A post office (1872-83) in the southeastern part of section 2, Reading Township. Sioux

OSKALOOSA JUNCTION. The name of the post office in 1866 at or near the present town of Beacon. Mahaska

OSPREY, A town laid out In 1858 in the southwestern part of Jackson Township. Post office, 1855-71. Monroe

OSPREY. Listed in the U. S. Postal Guide of 1881 as a post office in Dallas County, but not found on maps of that period. Dallas

OSWALT. A station on the former Colfax & Northern Railroad, in section 33, Poweshiek Township.  Post office 1889-93. Jasper

OSWEGO. Listed in U. S. postal records as a post office in Warren County from 1864 to 1869 (with short interims), The location not found.  

OTHO. The original post office of Otho was located in section 28, township 88, range 29, in the C. B. Andrews home. The town itself was located on each side of the public highway north of District No. 1 schoolhouse. Webster

OTISVILLE. Hamlet in sections 30 and 31, Morgan Township, Franklin County, sections 25 and 36, Blaine Township, Wrioght county, near where town of Dows now stands. When the rail road came, name was changed to Dows. The post office was Otisville from 1857 to 1880. Franklin

OTISVILLE. The name of the post office at the town of Dows from 1858 to 1880. Wright

OTRANTO. A town laid out in 1856 in the northeastern part of section 7 and northwestern part of section 8, Otranto Township, on the west bank of Cedar River, and some three miles northwest of the present Otranto Station. A prosperous town for some years. Post office, 1857-99. Called Old Otranto in its later years. Mitchell

OTSEGO. A village in the northwest corner of section 34, Jefferson Township, laid out in 1856. Post office 1857-73. Fayette

OTSEGO. Platted as a town in 1855 in sections 2 and 3, Eagle Grove Township. Wright

OTTAWA CITY. Platted as a town in 1859 on the west half of section 1 and the north half of the northwest quarter of section 12, Sheridan Township and exploited, but never built up. Referred to as Humbug Town. Poweshiek

OTTAWA. A Village laid out in 1856 at the corners of sections 26, 34, and 3.5, Elkhart Township, about one and one-half miles east of the present town of Elkhart. The name of Ottawa's post office was Elkhart. Polk

OTTAWA. In the eastern part of Jackson Township. Post office, 1855-73. Clarke

OTTAWA. Located northwest and adjacent to the present La Porte City. Plat filed in 1854. It was finally absorbed by La Porte City, although the latter's plat was not filed until 1855. Black Hawk

OTTER CREEK. A post office in Otter Creek Township from 1844 to 1846. Linn

OTTER CREEK. A village in the southwestern part of section 24, Otter Creek Township. Post office 1853-1900. Jackson

OTTER CREEK. Another name for the present town of Chelsea, as appears by maps of 1863. Tama

OTTER CREEK. In section 31, Otter Creek Township, as shown on maps of 1881. Crawford

OTTERVILLE. In northeastern part of sectin 19, Washington Township on Otter Creek. Platted in 1851. Sawmills and gristmills flourished there. Post office, 1867-1900. Buchanan

OVERMAN'S FERRY. A post office from 1844 to 1856 in the southeastrn part of section 24, Goshen Township, on the Cedar River. It was formerly called Powasheek. Muscatine

OVERTON. The former name of the present railroad station and post office of Pilot Grove. Lee

OVID. A post office (1891-1902) in section 19, Union Township. Wayne

OVID. A post office in the southeastern part of Ross Township from 1861 to 1861, and again from 1868 to 1871. Taylor

OWEN. In central portion of Owen Township. Post office, 1889-1900. Cerro Gordo

OWEN'S GROVE. Near the southwest corner of Portland Township. Post office, 1857-71. Cerro Gordo

OWLAKE. In the eastern part of Lake Township. Post office, 1900. Humboldt

OXFORD. A village in section 20, White Oak Township, in the 1850's. Later the post office of White Oak was established there. Mahaska

OZARK. A village in the western part of section 5, Brandon Township, on the North Fork of Maquoketa River.  Post office 1855-97. Jackson

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