My g-great grandfather, Samuel Wright, is on the 1852 census in Marshall County, Iowa.

I cannot make out what town it is or find it when searching the web using different spellings. Ancestry.com has it transcribed as Munroa Creek but I don't believe it is correct and it does not look like Munroe Creek either.

I am sure it must be an old abandoned town. I would be happy to send a copy of the census for you to look at the name of the town. If someone emailed me I could respond with an attached copy. I keep timelines of all my ancestors and would very much like to be able to cite the town name and it's history.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Janet Wright Garrett

Anyway at some point I was able to figure it out as Minerva Creek in Marshall County, Iowa.

Samuel Wright

Click on picture for a larger view.

You can make out Minerva Creek and Samuel Wright on the larger view.

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