ICARTA. In section 31, Prescott Township. A village two miles east of the present city of Corning. Post office, 1855-57. Adams

ICONIUM. At the center of section 5, Chariton Township. Platted in 1854 and a prosperous village until railroads came nearby. Post office, 1853-1903. Appanoose

IDA. The pioneer name of the present city of Ida Grove. The post office was Ida from 1859 to 1878. Ida

IDAHO. A post office in section 17, Grant Township, from 1876 to 1880. Hardin

IDLEWILD. A post office from 1889 to 1893 in the northeast corner of section 29, Westburg Township. Buchanan

ILLINOIS GROVE. A post office (1857-81) in section 8, Liberty Township. Marshall

ILLYRIA. In sectin 4, Illyria Township. Post office, 1851-1900. Fayette

INCLINE. In section 23, Yell Township, on the Des Moines River. A coal mining village, Post office, 1893-1900. Boone

INDEPENDENCE. The first name given the present city of Leon, in 1853. The name was soon changed to South Independence, and to Leon in 1855. Decatur

INDEPENDENCE. The name for a short time in 1849 of the post office at the location that soon became Winterset. Madison

INDEPENDENCE CENTER. A post office in 1871 near the center of Independence Township, the successor of Dawson and the predecessor of Baxter. Jasper

INDEPENDENT. The pioneer name of the present village and railway station of Selma. Independent was laid out in 1851. (See Stumptown). Van Buren

INDIAN CREEK. A post office from 1854 to 1859 in the eastern part of Indian Creek Township, a short distance northeast of the present village of Emerson. Mills

INDIAN PRAIRIE. The name of the post office (1843-53) at what later became the present village of Lebanon. Van Buren

INDIAN VILIAGE. In the western part of Fremont Township near the east bank of the Iowa River, as shown on maps of 1868 and 1869. Johnson

INDIANA. In the eastern part of Indiana Township, two miles south of the present village of Attica, as shown on maps of 1900. Marion

INDIANAPOLIS. A village in the southeastern part of section 11, Monroe Township, laid out in 1845 and prosperous until the coming of nearby railroads in the 1870's. A few dwellings and a school house and church remain. Post office, 1850-1902. Mahaska

INDIANTOWN. Slightly northeast of the center of section 9, Cass Township. About one mile west of the present town of Lewis. Settled by Mormans in 1846. Cass

INDIANTOWN. In the northern part of Richland Township, as shown on maps from 1856-1862. Chickasaw

INDIAN TOWN. Earlier name of the village of Butlerville. Indian Town was also the name of the post office from 1854, to 1856. Tama

INGART'S GROVE. A post office (1860-83) in the southwestern part of section 3, Middle Fork Township. It continued as Ingarts until 1894. Ringgold

INGARTS.  (See Ingart's Grove above). Ringgold

INGLEVILLE. In the northern part of Clay Township. Post office, 1875. Clay

INGRAHAM. A post office in Mills County from 1854 to 1859, but location not found. Mills

INGRAM. In the northwestern part of section 16, West Fork Township. Post office, 1867-75. Franklin

INLAND. In the northeastern part of Inland Township. A trading village of some importance. Post office, 1853-85 Cedar

IOKA. A town along the line between sections 28 and 33, Jackson Township, laid out in 1856.  Post office 1858-1902. Keokuk

IOLA. A hamlet in the southeastern part of the north section 31, Clay Township. Post office, 1854-81. Marion

IOLA. Laid out as a town in 1856 in the southwest corner of Valley Township and northwest corner of Center Township, but never built up. Pottawattamie

IONE. In the northern part of Greene Township. Listed as a post office in U. S. Official Register in 1854 and shown on maps as late as 1869. Iowa

IOWA CENTER. A town laid out in 1855 in the southeastern part of section 9, and the southwestern part of section 10, Indian Creek Township, three miles north and one mile west of the present town of Maxwell. It was a prosperous town, the second largest in the county, until after the coming of nearby railroads. Occupying the geographical center of the state, it had aspirations for the state capital. A store and a few dwellings remain. Post office, 1858-1913. Story

IOWA CITY. A place referred to on pages 427, 433, 434, Acts of the Legislative Assembly of Iowa Territory, session of 1838-39, evidently meaning what was soon after known as Iowaville (see below). Van Buren

IOWA LAKE. In section 13, southern part of Jack Cfreek Township. Post office, 1873-97. Emmet

IOWA TOWN. A trading point as early as 1837, found by the government surveyors in 1838 in section 28, township 73, range 2, just west of the Iowa Slough and on the south bank of the Iowa River. Louisa

IOWAVILLE., A village on the west side of section 7, Village Township, and the north side of the Des Moines River, about one mile northwest of the present village of Selma. At one time in the 1860's it was prosperous, having some 200 inhabitants. Van Buren

IRANISTAN. In the central part of secion 8, Cass Township, about two miles west of the present town of Lewis. Laid out in 1853, being the first platted town of the county. Post office, 1855-57. Its post office for a while was called Cold Springs. Cass

IRENE. A post office (1870-80) in the southern part of section 35, Sioux Township. Sioux

IRISH GROVE, Another name for Dorrvi1le, which see above. Warren

IRISH GROVE. Listed in the 1852-53 U. S. Official Rigester as a post office in Lucas County, but not found on maps of that period. Lucas

IRON HILL. A village in section 30, Farmer's Creek Township, platted in 1869. Post office, 1851-1910. Jackson

IRVING. A villagc in the northeast corner of section 1, Salt Creek Township. A portion of the village was on the east side of the Benton County line. The original village is gone, although there is now a railway station and a village grown up near by, and also a post office, all bearing the name of Irving. Tama

IRVING. In the northwest quarter of section 6, Iowa Township, Established about 1860. A part of this busy village was over the county line to the west, in Tama County. The orginal Village has disappeared. See Annals of Iowa, vol. XV, pp. 536-41. Benten

IRVINGTON. The original town of this name was located about a half mile north of the present village and railroad station of Irvington. It was platted in 1856 and was a rival of Algona, but declined shortly after the Civil War. Kossuth

IRWIN. In southern part of section 1, Leroy Township. Post office, 1871-75. Audubon

ISABEL. Listed in the U. S. Official Register as a post office in Jackson County from 1859 to 1867, but not found on the maps of that period. Jackson

ISABELL. A village at the intersections of 13, 14, 23 and 24, Jackson Township. Post office, 1857-67. Jones

ISLAND GROVE. In section 35, Madison Township. Post office, 1858-68. Butler

ISTED. Listed as a post office in Winneshiek County from 1890 to 1895, but its location not found. Winneshiek

ITEN. An embryo town staked out some time in the early 1850's in section 4, Center Township, about three miles northeast of Harlan, on the West Nishnabotna River. It attained to one store, was a competitor for the county seat, but when that was settled in Harlan's favor in 1859, Iten vanished. Shelby

IUKA. The name by which the present city of Tama was known from its beginning in 1862 for a few years. Iuka was also the name of the post office from 1863 to 1866. Tama

IUKA. The former name of the present village and railroad station of Granite. Lyon

IVANHOE. Laid out as a town in 1838. Found and noted by the government surveyors (1841). On the line between sections 29 and 30, Franklin Township (North bank of the Cedar River). It was on the old Dubuque and Iowa City road and had a post office from 1845 to 1849. Linn

IVES. A post office at the railroad station of Elmira from 1892 to 1903. Johnson

IVES. Name first given by the R.C.R. & N. Railroad to the station at West Bend, but name changed before the building of the town bagan. Palo Alto

IVESTER. In the southwest corner of section 15, Melrose Township. Post office,1893-1903. Grundy

IVEYVILLE. In section 31, Jasper Township. Post office, 1885-1903. MERCER. In scction 16, Mercer Township. post office, 1893-1900. Adams

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