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Anna Sayer  (Iowa)  Hi, from Boone, Iowa

Barbara Swigart - Council Bluffs, IA -  Glad I stumbled across this site, it should help with my Family Search. To my surprise my maternal relatives were Latter Day Saints and finding a map of the Mormon migration west helped understand were to look for them. I hope someone might have something similar with the towns that the Mormons started as they traveled west. GREAT JOB on your website!

Bob Billings (St. Paul, MN)   Lived in LeClaire, IA in the 1950’s.

Bob G.  (from Iowa)  Done a fine job in presenting all the historical information grouped by Iowa counties. It is a neat way to learn more about towns dying out as the country developed.

Carol S Scott (Marshalltown, IA)  This will be a useful resource for research on the genealogy of my family.     

Charise DeKeyzer  -  Adel, IA.  -  Love this site!

Cheryl Anderson  (from Iowa)  Loved finding Rusk Iowa and some info on it. I lived just north of there growing up. Now it's in the "wind mill" alley of the county.

Chris J  (from Iowa)  Interesting and informative site. Thanks for all of the research  

Chris Johnson  (from Iowa)    Interesting and informative site…  

Cyndi M.   (from Iowa)   Excited to find a source for former pioneer towns.  

Cyndi Mick  (from Iowa)    Excited to find a source for former pioneer towns   

Dave Mahnke   Heck, I didn’t know Tallyrand was gone...or that I lived near the other, Pleasant Hill near Des Moines...duh -

Debby Johnson  I found this sight after finding my Great Grandmother's obiturary and couldn't find the town she was from. Looking forward to                              further research.   02-27-2015

Deborah (Burnight) Hofpar (Columbus, NE)  From Iowa and just checking this sight out!

Delores Tibben  (from Iowa)  In doing research on ghost town in Iowa County this site has been most helpful. There is a Springfield ghost town in SW Iowa County also.  

Donna Wendt  Here are some pictures of Angus, IA. I’d sure like to find out more about the people in those pictures and from Angus

Doris Kube  (from Iowa)   This is interesting. Thank You!

Garison Tasler (Urbandale, IA) (no comment)

Gary Adrian     Nice Idea!     05-22-2016

Gay Lea Wilson  Hi, love this site. I just was wondering why Percy, Iowa was not listed.

Hank Anderson  My great Grandmother, Kathleen A. (Ewen) Anderson, was born in Carnovilla, Iowa, on June 18, 1867.                  ( 01-30-2016 )

Jean Christensen -  Norwalk, IA.  -  Always looking for old information on some long gone towns in Iowa

Jennifer Hall  (Knoxville, IA) Love history and found this site very interesting!!

Jennifer Murty (Marshalltown,Iowa) This is a cool & fun site. I'm glad I found it. I hope that maybe I can contribute some information some day.

Jimmy B. (from Iowa)  Just found this site. Would like to help out any way I can. Towns I am interested in are Glendon and Dale City

John B (Jack) Smith (Iowa)   I just love reading about the history of Ottumwa & Wapello County.  Read More

Keith Morphew (Mason City, IA) Enjoy hearing about ghost towns and seeing pics. Actually got into the ghost towns of the Black Hills years ago when vacationing. Bought a book about them and visited the sites or ruins of a few. Great way to see way more of an area in locating them than a lot of people who don't want to get off the main road. Back gravel roads here we come!

Kenneth Vande Voort  (from Iowa)   Nice info site  -

Leonard Miller (from Woodbine, Iowa)   Great effort to save the history of these towns.  

Linda Looker  We stumbled across a ghost town on our evening drive about. Found this site. So glad. A map by county would be helpful too. Thank you.  06-07-2015

Loren Miller    I am a fan of old Iowa History & enjoy the old stories. I am an Iowa trade token collector I love to get info on these tokens. Any one having these tokens can contact me & would be glad to give information on them.                    (12-12-2015)

Margaret Moore (Muscatine, IA)    I love the times from the past, and I wish I was from that time.  

Mark Sanders (Iowa) a nice surprise in my search on a day off

Mike L. (from Colorado)  I grew up in the Stanton, Iowa area. I know there were little settlements in the 1860s but only a few became towns that are still on the map.

Mike Lundgren (from Colorado)   I grew up in the Stanton, Iowa area. I know there were little settlements in the 1860s but only a few became towns that are still on the map.

Nancy Broadie - (Cedar Rapids, IA) - Think this will be something fun to explore this upcoming winter of 2015-2016

Nancy Flynn (Glendale, AZ)  - Love the pictures of Angus, Boone County, as I grew up there in the 1950's and early 60's. (Read More)

Nathan Lange (from Iowa)   Cool site  -  

Nick  (from Illinois) Am looking for the locations of "Westville, IA".   (If you have info on this town go to ‘Stories of the Past’ and contact us)

Randy Young (Clarinda, IA) Enjoyed info in this website including the dining in eastern Iowa. I provided info about a couple of towns that you might want to add to your list.  Mt. Etna and Bingham  (Read More)

Ray Wetherell  (Sutherland, Iowa) I think I included the wrong domain on my last message. Either way great website.

Ray Wetherell - Excellent website. I'm the founder of the Forgotten Iowa Historical Society on Facebook. We make use of the wonderful material you provide ALL THE TIME. Thanks for the great project.

Rebecca Groff, Cedar Rapids, IA  -  Hello. What a lovely site! I'm researching Dickinson County, Iowa facts and figures for an upcoming essay presentation, and came upon your web site. Looking forward to inspecting it, and am keeping your location for future reference. Thanks for doing this!

Richard Essig (Arizona)  Grew up with my grand parents on their farm in the hamlet of what they called Diamond. It was around the small community Brazil, in Appanoose,Co.  (Read More)

RMH Cowboy(from Iowa)   Very nice site. Great information about ghost towns in Iowa... Site looks good and is very friendly to use... keep up the good work -  

Robert - ( Coal Valley, Illinois)  Love the site

Shane Ellis -  (Nevada, IA)  Good stuff there

Stan Smith (Parker, CO)   I am From Iowa.   

Steve A Grandors (from Fort Dodge, Iowa)   Great website! Has a lot of useful information regarding past towns, their names, etc. I originally found this site while researching "Border Plains Cemetery" that is supposed to be located in Webster County, Iowa. I have not been able to physically locate this cemetery, wondering if it no longer exists, and if not, where would the grave sites been relocated to? Still  researching.                   (2013)

Tom Murphy   This is a great website. I think that I can help out with info about an old town that you are looking for. I'll send it as soon as I can. Thanks, !!!!!  

Wendy Louise Sells  (from Fortuna, CA)  Hi people, just letting you know that I wish you all a Merry Christmas (2016) and a Happy New Year (2017) from Wendy Sells

Zo Butters (Calhoun, AL)  Howdy from Calhoun!

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