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My ancestor William Felshaw is listed on my family records as residing in Galland’s Grove, Pottawatamie County during the years of (approximately) 1848-1851.  At least he had children born there during those years.

My problem is that I cannot seem to find that a Galland’s Grove ever existed in Pottawatamie County.  There was a Galland’s Grove in Shelby County in 1853 when Shelby County was organized.  However by 1853 he had left Iowa.

I have spent considerable time at USGEN WEB site but cannot seem to make a reasonable conclusion.

Can you tell me exactly which county Galland’s Grove was located in during the years 1848 to 1851?

FYI:  My ancestor’s name is William Felshaw, born 1800 in Granville, Washington, New York.  He would have resided in Iowa with two wives.

First wife was Mary Harriet Gilbert. Her children were Julia, John, Anne Mary (died in 1848, I don’t know where, Caroline, Hannah (born in Galland’s Grove in  1848), Sarah and Susannah (born in Galland’s Grove in 1851).

Second wife Charlotte Walters. Her children were Katherine, Mary (might have been born in Galland’s Grove), Eleanor (born in Galland’s Grove in 1850).

I am sorry if this is more information then you want, this is my first inquiry of this sort and I have been told that more info is better than less.

I’ll appreciate any answer you can give me about where Galland’s Grove was located (which county) during the years of 1848-1851.

Submitted by Gail Meyer Kilgore

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