FACTORYVILLE. In eastern part of section 12, Table Mound Township, and western part of section 7, Mosalem Township, as shown on maps of 1863 to 1880. Dubuque

FAIRHAVEN. A post office (1872-91) in the western part of Crystal Township. Tama

FAIRLAND. In section 16, Grant Township. Post office, 1881. Dallas

FAIRMOUNT. A post office from 1874 to 1875 in section 25, township 75, range 20, about three miles south of Knoxville. Marion

FAIRPLAY. A town reported by W. Barrows in his survey notes of 1843 as being in the southeast and southwest quarters of section 5 and the northeast and northwest quarters of seetion 8, Keokuk Township. Wapello

FAIRVIEW. A village laid out in 1841 near the center of section 20, Fairview Township, about four miles southwest of Anamosa. Post office, 1843-1904. A few dwelling houses still remain. Jones

FAIRVIEW. Laid out as a village in 1856. It's post office was Cuba. (see “C” towns page 4) The name of the town was later changed to Cuba. Monroe

FAIRVIEW. Laid out in 1850 as a town in the northeast part of section 21, South Township, one-fourth mile northeast of the present town of Saint Charles, but never built up. Madison

FAIRVIEW. The name by which the village of Morrisburg (which see below) was known for the first year or two of its existence. Guthrie

FAIRVIEW. The original name of the present town of Story City. Fairview was laid out in 1855, and the name changed to Story City in 1881. Story

FAIRVILLE. A former hamlet and post office (1888-1906) in section 2, Fairfield Township. Palo Alto

FALLS. The pioneer name given to the present town of Cascade, as shown on maps of 1856. Dubuque

FAN. In Flint River Township. Post office, 1890-1910. Des Moines

FANDON. in the north-central part of Jefferson Township. Post office, 1863-65. Allamakee

FARM CREEK. Another name applied to the village of Clay Mill  Jones

FARMER. A post office (1871-85) in the southwestern part of section I, Settlers Township. Sioux

FARMER'S CREEK. In the northeastern part of Farmer's Creek Township. Post office, 1853-71. Jackson

FARMERSBURG.  A township  (See Bismarck) Clayton

FARMERSVILLE. A post office (1866-71) in the northeastern part of· section 24, Madison Township. Mahaska

FARMERSVILLE. Platted in 1876 on ground east of and adjacent to the location of the present hamlet and railway station of Metz. It had a post office for a brief time, but was changed to Metz in 1878. Jasper

FARMING GROVE. Listed as a post office in Scott County in 1843, but it's location not found. Scott

FAYETTE. The name of a post office (1856-60) located a short distance southeast of the present railroad station of Balfour. The name was changed to Mount Olive. Mills

FELIX. A post office from 1876 to 1883 in the northeastern part of Belmont Township. Warren

FENTON. Shown on the maps from 1878 to 1887 as a post office in the southeastern part of Fenton Township. (The present town of Fenton which is in section 18 was not established until 1899. Kossuth

FERN VALLEY A post office (1862-1882) in Fern Valley Township near where now stands the town of Rodman. Palo Alto

FERN. A post office from February 18, 1889 to June 28, 1889, at or near the later post office of Polo Station). Worth

FERN. A village in section 32, Beaver Township. Post office, 1903. Grundy

FERRY. A post office (1868-1902) in the northeastern corner of section 2, Jefferson Township, near the Des Moines River. Mahaska

FIERCE. In southeastern part of Long Creek Township. Post office, 1885-98. Decatur

FIFTEEN MILE. See Fifteen Mile Grove below. Tama

FIFTEEN MILE GROVE. A post office (1867-83) in the southern part of section 6, Lincoln Township. It continued as Fifteen Mile post office until 1900. Tama

FILKIN'S GROVE. Given by History of Black Hawk County, Western Historical Co. 1878. as one of the post offices of the county, in operation from June to September, 1858, but not located on maps of that period. Black Hawk

FINE. Listed as a post office in Kossuth County from 1883 to 1886, but the location not found. Kossuth

FISCUS. In section 12, Douglas Township. Post office, 1889-1903. GROVE. In southeastern part of Exira Township. Post office, 1873-85. Audubon

FISHER'S POINT. Shown as another name for Mineral Ridge on maps of 1808 and 1869. Boone

FISHERVILLE. A hamlet in the southern part of Carroll Township as shown on maps of 1869. Tama

FLAGLER. Laid out in 1877 in the southwest quarter of the east section 2, Knoxville Township. It was a coal mining town. Post office, 1876-1914. Marion

FLEMINGVILLE. A hamlet in the southwestern part of section 13, Otter Creek Township. Post office 1867-1906. Linn

FLETCHER. The name first given to the present town of Lake View when it was platted in 1881. Fletcher was the name of the post office from 1880 to 1887. Sac

FLINT HILLS. The pioneer name of the present city of Burlington. Des Moines

FLINT. A post office on the north line of section 30, Prairie Township, from 1856 to 1901. Mahaska

FLOOD CREEK. Listed in the U. S. Official Register as a post office in Floyd County from 1857 to 1861. (Not found on maps of that period) Floyd

FLORA. Platted as a town in 1859 near the head of Red Oak Creek (evidently two or three miles northeast of Red Oak), but never developed. Montgomery

FLORENCE CITY. In section 35, Spring Creek Township, on the Cedar River. Laid out in 1855, but not recorded. Town never built up. Black Hawk

FLORENCE. A territorial town in the west section 20 of Elliott Township on the southwest side of the Iowa River, as found there by the government surveyors in 1838. It was a place of importance, was known once as Keokuk's principal village, and was also once the home of Black Hawk. Post office, 1839-46 . Louisa

FLORENCE. In section 20, forence Topwnship. Post office, 1863-75. Name changed to Norway. Benten

FLORENCE. The pioneer name of the present town of Van Wert, settled in 1853 when it was named Florence, but was soon changed to Prairie City, then to Prairieville, and finally to Van Wert. Decatur

FLORENCEVILLE. A town in the northwest portion of section 10, Albion Township, on both sides of the Upper Iowa River. Post office, 1871-1900. Several dwellings remain, but no stores. Howard

FLOYD CENTER. Pioneer name of the present town of Floyd. Floyd

FLOYD'S BLUFF. A post office for a short time in 1855 in the southern part of what is now Sioux City, near the bank of the Missouri River. Woodbury

FLUSHING. A post office (1871-74) in the central part of Jefferson Township. Ringgold

FOLGER. Listed in the U.S Postal Guide as a post office in Clarke County from 1893 to 1897, but not found on maps of that period. Clarke

FONTAINBLEAU. A village in the northeastern part of section 18, Little Sioux Township, on the banks of the Little Sioux River. Platted in 1855. Post office, 1857. Harrison

FONTAINE. In Etna Township near where now stands the present town of Ackley. Post office, 1859-65 Hardin

FONTANELLE. A town in section 36, Fertile Township, as shown on maps of 1857. This was a town on paper only. Worth

FOOTE. In the southeastern part of section 35, Fillmore Township, on the Keokuk County line. Post office 1863-1900. Iowa

FORBES STATION. On the C., ST. & St. P. Ry. between Jefferson and Farlin. Greene

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