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Another missing townlet... Maple Landing in Lincoln Township Monona County Iowa.. West and a bit south of Whiting.

Submitted by R. Pope, Sloan, IA

You have Quigley listed as the name of the post office at Midland Junction.

This may be true, but Quigley is also the previous name of Petersville, which is another ghost town you don't have listed.

Petersville was located at the corner of 145th St and 280th Ave. at the extreme NE corner of the SE 1/4 of T83N - R3E - Sec 25 (Bloomfield Twp).

There was a feed store that closed in 1981 which is still standing, as well as about 5 houses still standing at the crossroads.

The railroad line went through there. Petersville supposedly lost most of its population when Highway 136 (the "paved road") was built from Delmar to Charlotte on the ridge, instead of following the railroad line to Petersville and then to Charlotte.

Quigley is listed on the 1895 map you have linked on this site. However, my 4th grade teacher had a 1904 map that had Petersville named on it.

Teresa Reed - Tipton, IA


This is a story about the past written to my sister LuAnn  (Webmaster IGT)

Dear LuAnn,

He has really done a fine job in presenting all the historical information grouped by Iowa counties. It is a neat way to learn more about towns dying out as the country developed.

Wish I had some information to add to it.

My mother's parents were early settlers in Waterloo and my Dad's were prominent people in Nashua during the late 1800's and early 1900's.

My grandmother would ride in a wagon as a child with her parents on Sundays to visit the Hanna's who were the first settlers at Waterloo.  She remembered when that native American Indians would camp south of town near where they lived.

My Dad's grandparents helped build Little Brown Church in Nashua.

I don't remember that my parents ever talked about any towns that had died out. I remember driving to Elk Run Heights growing up but never knew that it had been a town.

Bob G.

Story about the Past

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Iowa Ghost Towns

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Iowa Ghost Towns

Iowa Ghost Towns

There's no mention of Highland Center in this listing.

Highland Center was originally located in the SW corner of Sec 10, Highland Twp, but was moved when the railroad came thru in 1882 to an area along the north-south center line of Sec 15-16.

Highland Center had a post office from Nov 30, 1869 up until approximately the mid-1980s.

Maryellen Robertson Zook was the last Postmistress.

Dates are taken from the book "Hedrick Centennial Book" published 1982 by the Hedrick Centennial Book Committee Inc, Hedrick Iowa.

Highland Center

Submitted by Cyndy Bayliss - Ottumwa, IA



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