ALGONQUIN. In southeastern part of Washington Township. Post office, 1855-65.

BEAVER GROVE. In the southwestern part of Beaver Township. Post office, 1855-57.

BELGROVE. In the northeastern part of Bennezette Township. Post office, 1869.

BOYLAND'S GROVE. On the south line of section 14 and the north line of section 23 of Pittsford Township. The post office existed from 1859 to 1875 when it was removed to West Point, nearly two miles east and called Bristow. (see West Point below)

BRISTOW. (See above).

BUTLER CENTER. In the northern part of section 18, Jefferson Township. Platted in 1856, it became a town of importance and was the county seat from 1860 -1881. Post office, 1857-1900

BUTLER RAPIDS. In the northern part of section 9, Beaver Township, on the west Fork of Cedar River. Platted in 1858. Had a busy but brief existence..

CLUTTERVILLE. On the south line of section 17, Madison Township. Post office 1893-97.

COLDWATER. A post office removed from Franklin County in 1875 to section 6, Bennezette Township, where it existed until 1885.

ELEANOR. A hamlet and station formerly on the C.& N.W. Ry in central part of Monroe Township.

ELM SPRINGS. Located a short distance south of the present town of Greene and platted in about 1855. It"s post office ran from 1857 to 1869 when it was

transferred to Greene.

GEORGETOWN.. In the corners of West Point, Jackson, Ripley and Jefferson Townships in the geographic center of the county. It was platted 1857 and was

intended to be the county seat, but never got beyond being a town on paper.

HITESVILLE. In section 19, Ripley Township. Post office, 1871-1900.

ISLAND GROVE. In section 35, Madison Township. Post office, 1858-68

LEONI. Listed in U.S. Official Register as a post office in Butler County from 1855 to 1861, but not found on the maps.

LOWELL. In section 28, Butler Towhship, on the Shell Rock River. Shown on the maps from 1881-1887.

MAUDVILLE. In the southwestern part of West Point Township and about one-half mile west of the present town of Allison.   Post office 1873.

MONMOUTH. In section 17, Butler Township, about one mile east of Clarksville, as shown on maps of 1869.

NEW ALBION. Located at the corners of sections 3 and 4, Albion Township, and sections 33 and 34, Jefferson Township. Platted about 1856. It had several business enterprises. Its post office was named Swanton.  (see below)

NEW JERUSALEM. The name first given Butler Rapids, which see above.

PROSPER. In the northern part of section 10, Fremont Township. Post office, 1897-1900.

ROOT'S SIDING. The former name of the present village of Packard. Post ofice, 1889-1903.

SWANTON. The name of the post office (1857-1900) located about four miles southesast of New Albion, which see above, and later in the southneast corner of

section 34, Jefferson Township, as shown on the Andreas' Atlas, 1875.

UNION RIDGE. In the northwest corner of section 20, Pittsford Township. Post office, 1881.

WEST POINT. The early name of the present town of Bristow.

WILLOUGHBY. In the western part of section 9, Beaver Township. Laid out in 1856. Post office, 1857-85.

WILLSON'S GROVE. In section 15, Bennezette Township. Post office 1878-80.

Butler County was named for William Butler

A General in the Mexican War

Established January 15, 1851

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