ARTESIAN. In southeast corner of Warren or northwest corner of Maxfield Township. Post office, 1893-1903

BRECKENRIDGE. the name of the post office at Jefferson City. It was established in 1857, and in 1863 its name was changed to Denver.

BREMER. In section 9, Dayton Township. Post office, 1858-61

BREMER CENTER. Plattted in 1857. A small business place existed for a few years. The post office was named Leroy. (see below)

BUCK CREEK. A post office that had at least two locations in Dayton Township, section 25, and later section 15. Its existence was from 1862 to 1903

DAYTON. In section 9, and later in section 6, Dayton Township. Post office, 1861-70.

DICKEY. In section 8, Douglas Township. Post office, 1885-93

EAGLE. Located first on line between section 3 and 10, and later in section 22, Franklin township. Post office, 1865-69.

GROVE HALL. In section 15, Franklin Township. Post office, 1859-1903

NOTE: The Mott’s book shows this town to be Grove Hall. However I received an email stating that this town was called "Grove Hill" rather then

Grove Hall. To me ‘Grove Hill’ would sound more like what they would have named a town.

HORTON. In sections 26 and 27, Polk Township. Platted in 1856. Quite prosperous until after the nearby railroad was built.  Post office, 1857-1903.

JACKSON POINT. Listed in the U.S. Official register of 1855 as a post office, but not found on maps of that period.

JEFFERSON CITY. Pioneer name of the present town of Denver. Laid out in 1855. The post office at that place was named Breckenridge, which see above. Key.

In section 19, Franklin Township. Post office, 1877-97.

KLINGER. In the northeast corner of section 35, Maxfield Township. Post office, 1889-1903.

KNITTEL. In section 10, Fremont Township., on Rand, McNally & Co.'s map of 1887, and in section 9

MAXFIELD Township, on Iowa Publishing Co.'s map of 1905. Post office, 1889-1903.

LEROY. In section 13, Leroy Township. The post office for the village of Bremer Center, which see above. Post office, 1861-75.

MARTINSBURG. The pioneer name of the village of Tripoli, which see below.

MAXFIELD. In the northeast corner of section 19, Maxfield Township. Post office, 1865-1900.

MENTOR. In section 1, Leroy Township. Post office, 1863-1900.

MINKLER. Listed in the U.S. Postal Guide as a post office from 1889-1903, but not shown on the maps of those dates.

PHILLIPSTON. In section 25, Douglas Township. Post office, 1880-81.

POLK. First on the east side of the Cedar River, and later on the west side in Polk Township. Post office, 1854-61.

PONY. In Douglas Townsip. Post office, 1885.

ROXIE. In section 30, Douglas Township. Post office, 1893.

SIGEL. In section 27, Douglas Township. Post office, 1889-97.   NOTE: Still another discrepancy exists with the name of this town. Is it Sigel or Siegel.

SPRING LAKE. In section 17, Douglas Township. Post office 1857-73.

SUMNER. In section 11, Sumner Township. A post office was on that location from about 1860-1870, when the present town of Sumner was established two miles to the south and the post office removed to it.

SYRACUSE. In section 18, Polk Township. Post office, 1863-67.

TRIPOLI. The village was laid out in 1856 in the east part of section 33, in Frederica Township. It prospered until 1880 when it was removed almost bodily one mile south to it's present location on the C.G.W. Railroad.

WAPSIE. In the southwest corner of section 6, Franklin Township. Post office, 1893-1903.

WILSON'S GROVE. In the southern part of Sumner Township. Post office, 1863-67.

Bremer County was named after Fredricka Bremer

A Swedish Traveler and Author

Established January 15, 1851

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