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I live in the southernmost part of Madison County.  I believe the late 1800’s and early 1900’s there was a well established settlement close to where I live by the name of Barney.

From what I understand it had multiple businesses and buildings.  It was built along the railroad which no longer exists.  What does remain is one house (occupied), the cemetery and remnants of the old railroad including a bridge that crosses the creek.

I was just curious as to why this town was not mentioned on your website.  Thanks

Submitted by Elizabeth Kennedy

— What we have discovered so far —

Barney is an unincorporated community in Madison County, Iowa.  The town was laid out in 1887.

(latitude 41.167 and longitude -94.004)

The elevation is 1,050 feet. Barney appears on the Lorimor North U.S. Geological Survey Map.

Barney was a hamlet and station on the Great Western Railroad.

Barney had a store, shops and a church.

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Topographical Map