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AMSTERDAM. This town is reported by William Vandever, deputy U. S. surveyor, in his notes of the survey of 1843, as being in the center of section 14, Center Township, about two miles northwest of the business section of Ottumwa. Wapello

AMUND. A hamlet and post office (1888-1907) in the northwest corner of section 22, Eden Township. Winnebago

ANDERSON In the southern part of Melville Township. Post office, 1863-65.


ANDERSONVILLE. In Clay Township. Post office, 1893. Grundy

ANDREWS. A town laid out in 1857 in the eastern part of section 9, Jefferson Township, about one mile west of the Des Moines River. The name of its post

office was Lincoln (1861-1886) and the town in later years went by that name. It was also sometimes called Dogtown. A store still remains. Polk

ANGUS Originally called Coaltown. In 1880- 1886, it promised to be a city "Bigger than Des Moines" and had a population of 3500 to 7000 people. Boone

ANNIEVILIE. In the southeastern part of section 12, Lincoln Township. Post office, 1871-1900. Clay

ANTWERP. In the southeast quarter of section 9, township 80, range 3, about three miles southwest of the present city of Tipton. Laid out in 1839 and an aspirant

for the county seat. Cedar

APOLLO. Listed in the U.S. Official Register of 1859 as a post office in Cedar County, but not found on maps of that period. Cedar

APPLE GROVE. A post office (1849-68) in the southeastern part of Beaver Township, some three miles south of Mitchellville. Polk

AQUILLA GROVE.   (See Springwater - “S” Towns)  Winneshiek

ARBOR HILL  Click on town name for more info and pictures


ARCOLA. A post office in section 28, Kenebec Township. Post office, 1864-87. Monona

ARGAND. A post office from 1880 to 1899 in section 4, Castle Grove Township. Jones

ARGO. A post office (1897-1902) in the south east corner of section 8, Le Claire Township. Scott

ARGO. A post office in the northern part of Union Township from 1853 to 1875. Lucas

ARLINGTON. Laid out in 1857 in the southeastern part of section 29, Washington Township, but never built up.  Montgomery

ARMAH. A post office (1897-1900) in section 26, Dayton Township. Iowa

ARMOUR. A post office (1883-19:11) in the southeastern part of Hardin Township. Pottawattamie

ARMSTRONG GROVE. In section 26, armstrong Township. Post office, 1869-92 In the coming of the railroad and the establishment of the present town of Armstrong the post office was removed to that place. Emmet

ARNOLDSVILLE. The name in 1857 of the post office at the town of Florenceville,  (see Florenceville). Howard

ARROW. In the southern part of Beaver Township. Post office, 1881. Grundy

ARTESIAN. In southeast corner of Warren or northwest corner of Maxfield Township. Post office, 1893-1903 Bremer

ASHLAND CROSSING. The name first given the place that later became Williamsburg, and finally the present town of Eldon. Wapello

ASHLAND. A town of importance on the stage line, having several stores, an academy, and a few hundred population. It was in the southern part of section 9, Washington Township, about three miles north of the present town of Eldon. Post office, 1844-80. Wapello

ASHTON. A village in sections 28 and 29, Ashton Township. Established in 1854, and laid out in 1855. It was made the county seat in 1854 but lost to Onawa in 1858. Post office, 1855-58. Monona

ASHUELOT. Laid out as a town in 1857, in thc northern part of section 15, Portland Township, but proved to be a town on paper only. Kossuth

ASHURST. The name for a brief time of the present town of Zearing during its founding in the early 1880's. Story

ASPINWALL. In section 11, Jefferson Township. Post office, 1855-61. Dubuque

ASTOR  a small town in sections 33 & 34 of Nishnabotna township Crawford County IA about 1/2 mile north of the Crawford - Shelby County line on the north

side of the Chicago Milwaukee St Paul and Pacific railroad.

ASTORIA. Laid out as a town in 1837 in section 28, Oregon Township, in anticipation of being the county seat. A post office named Pottsville  (see Pottsville)

and a store were all it ever attained to. Washington

ATHOL.  A post office (1875-86) in section 12, Lincoln Township. Sioux

ATLANTA. In southern part of Newton Township. Post office, 1859-73. Buchanan

ATLEE. The name of a railroad station in section 12, West Point Township, the name later being changed to Edwards. Lee

AUBURN. A post office (1845-81) in the northwestern part of Des Moines Township on the north side of the Des Moines River, except that during the later

years of its existence it was removed to the town of Rochester.  Mahaska

AUDUBON CENTER. In northeastern part of section 2, Hamlin Township. Post office, 1867. Later the word Center Was dropped the post office continuing as Audubon until 1871. Audubon

AUDUBON CITY. In section 1, Hardin Township. Platted in 1856. It attained to one store, a residence and a schoolhouse, and then failed Audubon

AUDUBON HEIGHTS. In the southeastern part of Greely Township. Post office, 1879. Audubon

AURELIA. A village in the southern part of section 8, Union Township, on the southwest side of Shell Rock River and about one-half mile northwest of the

present town of Marble Rock. Laid out in 1858 and vacated in 1869 Floyd

AURORA. A hamlet on the west line of section 3 and the east line of section 4, Adams Township, about midway as to north and south of that line.

Post office, 1859-84 Keokuk

AUSTIN. A post office from 1872 to 1882, located south of Silver Lake, and later near the east shore. On the coming of the railroad in 1882 the post office was removed to Lake Park and the name changed to that of the town. Dickinson

AUSTIN. In the northeastern part of Washington Township, on the west bank of the Nishnabotna River. Post office, 1853-59. Freemont

AVA. In section 35, Orange Township. Post office, 1815-11. Guthrie

AVON. The original town of Avon was laid out in 1855 in the southeast quarter of section 29, Allen Township, about one mile northwest of the present

Avon Station. It was a flourishing town in the 1860’s. Post office, 1857 to 1871, with two short intermissions. Polk

AVONDALE. In the northwestern part of section 13, Washington Township. Post office, 1875-1881. Adair

AYER'S GROVE. Listed as a post office in Polk County from 1880 to 1882, but the location not found. Polk

AYERSVILLE. A town reported by William Vandever in his survey notes of 1843 as being in the southeast quarter of section 26, Center Township, making it

appear to have been the town later called Port Richmond. Wapello

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