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Astor, Iowa was a small town in sections 33 & 34 of Nishnabotny Township, Crawford County, Iowa. Located about 1/2 mile north of the Crawford-Shelby county line on the north side of the Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul and Pacific railroad.

I grew up along the county line road about 2 miles west of there. During my high school days we farmed the farm on the NE edge of Astor.

At this time there was an active farmstead on the west side of the county road and one occupied home on the east side of the road with 2 or 3 abandoned houses remaining.

Up until about 15 years ago (submitted 11-2011), the old grain elevator along the RR was still standing, however it burned.

Astor predated Manilla, but when the future of Manilla was chosen for the junction of  the Sioux City spur off the CMSTP&P, Astor soon faded.

I’ve looked on the website showing old Post Offices to see if Astor had a post office, but could find no evidence of one.

Today all that is left is the farmstead on the west side of the road. The Astor cemetery is along the county line road one mile west on the Shelby County side of the road.

Astor is on the map using the link below. Don’t know when the plat book was printed.


Submitted by Marcus Mundt

Crawford County

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