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Ashuelot, Iowa

Kossuth County, Iowa

Mr. Dan Schuster (from Cedar Rapids, IA) sends the following:

I am a big Iowa History buff, always have been for some reason.  I'm originally from a small town in upper-central Iowa called Titonka, pop just 600. On October 2nd, 1898, surveying began for the town of Titonka

Just a few miles outside of town (to the north east) there's an unincorporated town called German Valley (population 6).

I know there was a town platted (1858) just west of my hometown (Titonka) called Ashuelot .  I know the location quite well and went to school with a few

buddies who lived where the town would have been.  I read once it was to have a town square (which would have been unusual for a northern Iowa town.

It was told that the current location of a wildlife refuge of what is called "Deer Meadow" (Buffalo Creek area) was to have been a city park and is now quite

naturally attractive with it's winding river bluffs and wooded land. I used to explore the area as a kid and often wondered what the town would have been like.

The town was drawn up and property purchased by folks for housing. However, development was ended due to the many creeks and the marsh-land that the

railroad would have had to cross.  Titonka was the end of the line.

I know there was a post office and possibly a blacksmith in the very beginning.

There's also a town called Swan under Lake Red Rock, I believe.

Ashuelot, Iowa

Kossuth County, Iowa

The plat was filed by George Brizee on July 30, 1858, located in the North 1/2 of Section 15-97-28 in Portland Township and contained 320 acres. There were 117 blocks with one block reserved for churches, one designated "Kossuth Square", one "Locust Park and another "Walnut Park".


In time the town sank back into the wilderness. The town site was declared vacated by a district court order on May 7, 1888.


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Ashuelot, Iowa

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