This was sent in by Autumn from Iowa.

Hello, I am currently writing a book on Arbor Hill or aka Port Union in Adair County. I also am currently residing here with my husband and two children, there is one more resident located here.  We are in Adair County - Harrison Township - Section 20.

This community had one of the original post offices in the county. First phone service and electric. At one point in time there were 24 established businesses here. I am still researching this.

We have just tore down the old general store. The foundation of the grist mill is still here, Bunces old garage and the blacksmith shop along with 2 old residences that are abandoned as well as the occupied residences.

Many of the folk from here are passed on but I am still pursuing writing my history.

Old Settlers Reunions, Poultry shows, a dance pavilion that drew the whole county, band, baseball team and much more.

I have 200-2003 photos of the buildings that have since been tore down. And 2003 photos of the buildings still here but abandoned. Would be ecstatic to have our "town" on your list.



Photos of Arbor Hill sent by Autumn

Adair County, Iowa

Blacksmith Building

Arbor Hill Store Then

Arbor Hill Store Now

If you have information about this town or any other, we would appreciate your sharing it with us.  Stories? Pictures? Facts? We are interested in them all. Thank You!

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Arbor Hill, Iowa

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