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Boone County, Iowa

Angus was originally called Coaltown. In 1880- 1886, it promised to be a city "Bigger than Des Moines" and had a population of 3500 to 7000 people.

The pictures submitted about Angus show  1) store\ gas station  \  post office (Post Office Sign) and  

2) some local people.  Pic 1   Pic 2   Pic 3   Pic 4

These were perhaps some of the last of the "town people" before it became a "ghost town."

Also included are some photos taken by the granddaughter of Leonard Pearce. The granddaughter and her cousins were looking for old Angus and the nearby cemetery.  After inquiring at a farm they were directed to the 1976 stone monument, commemorating "Whiskey Row" of Angus, on the Boone Co., / Green Co. Line.

Eventually they found the Angus cemetery.    (Sign at Lane to Cemetery)   (Gate at Angus Cemetery with Flag & Pole)

Photos of that area and of Elizabeth Pearce's headstone (and rubbing) are shown.

Background information shared:

The photographer was A. Vincent Hague using his 8mm movie film and taken October 1938.

A. Vincent Hague was originally from Des Moines. The younger woman, in a black dress, was the photographer's wife, Nadine

Pearce Hague, daughter of Leonard Pearce. They came to Angus from California to see where her father was born.

Leonard Pearce was born at Angus on April 20, 1891. Leonard was the son of coal miner, John Pearce and Jane Rees Pearce, immigrants from Wales.

The large Pearce family lived at Coaltown/Angus 20 years, before relocating to the coal mine areas of Colorado Springs in 1900.

One daughter, Elizabeth, died (at the age of 2 y ears 11 months) and was buried (October 23, 1886) at the Angus/ (Bower??) Cemetery just across the Boone county line in Greene Co. Lot 83 "PEARCE, Elizabeth daughter of John & Jane.   Pic 2

Information and pictures provided by Donna Hague Wendt  (All Rights Reserved and used by permission)

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Angus, Iowa

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