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Have you ever heard of ‘Plug Town’ which was (is) 4 miles north of Elvira and left about 2 miles. I have heard stories about that but could not relate to them.  

Also, ‘Hauntown’ which was off the highway to the left, north of Bulgers hollow (n. of Eagle Point Park.)

Submitted by Doris Kube

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Town or Tree Grove?

COMMENT = I have read that my great (3x) grandfather, Benjamin Pitney Freeman lived at Sugar Grove, Hale Township, Jones County, Iowa. It is also supposed to be the name of the first school district in the state of Iowa. I grew up on a farm in Hale Township and do not remember my father mentioning it, as he did of some unmarked locations. Can you please provide me with information on it's location?

Thank you for your assistance.  Butch Freeman       (What we have found so far. Do you have any info?)


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Here is an interesting puzzle!

There is documentation of how Ida Grove was named in a book published by the State Historical Society of Iowa in 1943 by Susie Webb Wright. Some Historic Markers in Iowa. On page 76 it reads that The Cumberland Valley Daughters of the American Revolution dedicated a bronze tablet which states, “Near this spot was born the first white child in Ida County, Iowa. Ida Smith 1856.

Yet the city if Ida Grove recently changed their towns history on their website. It told the story of Ida Smith up until this last year when they redid their site. There is no documentation to support their new history.

As submitted by K. Furguson, Ottumwa, IA

We realize that Ida Grove is not a ghost town. However, it’s past is rather interesting and so is the information as submitted above, which is why we temporarily put it here.


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